Monday, March 28, 2011

Old (Classic) Poems

In this poem, found in The Treasury of David, v's are written as u's and e's were extremely popular, which makes for an interesting read. :) But it is a great poem, based partially on psalm 36.

Thy mercie Lord doth to the HEAUENS extend,
Thy faithfullnes doth to the CLOUDES assend;
Thy justice stedfast as a MOUNTAINE is,
Thy JUDGMENTS deepe as is the great Abisse;
Thy noble mercies saue all liueinge thinges,
The sonnes of men creepe underneath thy winges:
With thy great plenty they are fedd at will,
And of thy pleasure's streame they drinke their fill;
For euen the well of life remaines with thee,
And in thy glorious light wee light shall see.

-Sir John Davies.

And I love this one, written by Jeroninus Segerson, while he was in prison at Antwerp (he was a Baptist martyr). He wrote it to his wife, Lysken, who also was a prisoner there, 1551. (From The Treasury of David.)

In lonesome cell, guarded and strong I lie,
Bound by Christ's love, his truth to testify,
Though walls be thick, the door no hand unclose,
God is my strength, my solace, and repose.

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