Thursday, March 10, 2011

Favorite Books

For's March of Books, here are some more of my favorite tomes. I especially love vintage books and illustrations, and these first two red books are also very special to me because they are from my late father's library (as are many of the theological books in my library--he was a pastor). I have not read these two, yet, but I look forward to doing so (carefully)!

A lovely old book from my dad's library, along with some family lace cuffs and a doily.

A charming illustration (there are nearly a dozen inside).

And the second book is one that has a few familiar hymns (without the music written out) as well as many unfamiliar. We have some old hymnals with music that I think are from my mom or dad's library, which are a lot of fun to play through. Perhaps I'll take photos of those later.

A shelf full to the brim of treasured books--mostly from my father in the front row

This next book actually has my brother, John's, name in the front, but I'm not sure he wants it anymore (I will ask). It is a sweet old book that I read once upon a time and would like to read again.


Anonymous said...

Your father had excellent taste in books! I'm sure that you will treasure his books for the rest of your life.

Hans Brinker is one of my favorite fiction books, although it's been many years since I read it. I love those old stories :)

Melissa M. said...

Yes, he did! We have a LOT more, split up between my siblings and mom. Of course, they're no replacement for my dad, but they are sweet to have, and there's a lot to learn from them.

Tarissa said...

I'm glad you did a 2nd post about books. These pictures are just lovely! I wouldn't mind having my own collection of old vintage books like that.

~ Tarissa

Melissa M. said...

Glad you like the photos, Tarissa! :)

Katie said...

What a beautiful books! They just don't make them that lovely any more…. And I know the fact that were your father's makes them doubly special.

Thank you for the comment, by the way. =)

Melissa M. said...

Yes, I'm so glad to have these books, as well as others from my dad's library!

You're welcome. :) I love the book Stepping Heavenward, too...I assume that's where you got the name for your blog?