Monday, November 26, 2012

Poll Results

What form of pre-marriage relationship do you believe is best?

  0 (0%)
  2 (22%)
Just friendship
  0 (0%)
Friendship, then betrothal
  3 (33%)
Courtship, then betrothal
  4 (44%)
Dating, then betrothal
  0 (0%)
Arranged marriage
0 (0%)
I'm really not sure.           0 (0%)

Interesting that there are so many who believe in betrothal. :)

I don't have another poll up; haven't thought of one, yet. If you have a good idea for one, let me know.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Lazy Man's Rut - A Poem

by Melissa M.

Clinging to past success,
Like spider to web,
I dangle precariously,
Fear tickling my gut,
But outputting nothing--
The lazy man's rut.

Tomorrow will be enough,
My heart wants to say.
But will it be, indeed?
Or will I fall prey
To hopes dashed
And a wasted day?

Tackle the goal head on,
Even if hard the load.
Easier now, I'm sure,
Than tomorrow's hour,
When panic and shame
Defeat and devour.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quotes from "Treasury of David"

From Psalm 40. (I forgot that I posted this earlier, but it bears repeating.)

'Verse 8.--"Thy law is within my heart."  The will of God in which Christ delighted, was (as appears by the coherence, and the quotation of Heb. x. 5) that Christ should make his soul an offering for sin, as more acceptable to God than all other burnt-offerings and sin-offerings.  This law was in his heart, in the midst of his bowels.  He did as much delight in it as we do in following those inclinations which nature has implanted in our hearts, as we do in eating and drinking.  So he expresses it (John iv. 34), "My meat is to do with will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.'  He was as willing to bleed and die for thee as thou art to eat when hungry.  He was delighted as much to be scourged, wounded, crucified, as thou delightest in meat when most delicious.' -- David Clarkson.

Amazing, no?  Not to deny Him praying "Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me;" of course.

From Psalm 42.

'Verse 2.--"My soul thirsteth for God," etc.  See that your heart rest not short of Christ in any duty.  Let go your hold of no duty until you find something of Christ in it; and until you get not only an handful, but an armful (with old Simeon, Luke ii. 28); yea, a heartful of the blessed and beautiful babe of Bethlehem therein.  Indeed you should have commerce with heaven, and communion with Christ in duty, which is therefore called the presence of God, or your appearing before him. Exodus xxiii. 17, and Psalm xlii. 2. . . .' -- Christopher Ness's "Chrystal Mirrour," 1679.

'Verse 2. "Come and appear before God." . . . To little purpose we go to church, or attend on ordinances, if we seek not, if we see not God there.' -- Isaac Watts, D.D., 1674-1748.