Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ark - Addendum

I could have spoken too soon about the ark being found--the verdict is still out. It's a shame when people try to create frauds, and this could be a fraud (according to Randall Price it is), but I'm not sure, yet, one way or another. In any case, I know the story of the ark is true, no matter how many people may disparage it or wrongfully claim to have found it. God's Word is trustworthy!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Noah's Ark?

It appears as if they have found Noah's ark! The page may be overloaded by visitors, but if you can get it to load, the photos and videos are amazing!

Click Here for their website.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Poll Results & New Poll

The results of the last poll (Do you plan to homeschool your own children?) are in!

The winning answer, with 7 votes, is...
"I wouldn't do it any other way!"

A close second is:
"Yes, provided my spouse does."

And third, with 2 votes, is:
"Only for the earlier grades."

The winning answer, though a little tricky, is also the one I voted for. Yes, I'd definitely want my husband to be in agreement, but I would make sure before getting married that my husband would be totally on board for homeschooling. Why is homeschooling such a big thing for me? To do the subject justice it would take a lot longer reply than I can make now, but basically I think it is the most Biblical way and is helpful both for the children and the adults in various ways. I was homeschooled for all grades, and though it wasn't always easy, I'm sure it was very good for me.

A new poll is on the sidebar for the month of April!