Thursday, April 8, 2010

Poll Results & New Poll

The results of the last poll (Do you plan to homeschool your own children?) are in!

The winning answer, with 7 votes, is...
"I wouldn't do it any other way!"

A close second is:
"Yes, provided my spouse does."

And third, with 2 votes, is:
"Only for the earlier grades."

The winning answer, though a little tricky, is also the one I voted for. Yes, I'd definitely want my husband to be in agreement, but I would make sure before getting married that my husband would be totally on board for homeschooling. Why is homeschooling such a big thing for me? To do the subject justice it would take a lot longer reply than I can make now, but basically I think it is the most Biblical way and is helpful both for the children and the adults in various ways. I was homeschooled for all grades, and though it wasn't always easy, I'm sure it was very good for me.

A new poll is on the sidebar for the month of April!


Anonymous said...

I completely agree. I voted that I wouldn't homeschool my children any other way... and there is no way I would marry a man who disagreed with homeschooling!

Shelby said...

Hi!!, I just found your blog off your profile on Goodreads. Laura is my friend. =)

I really like your blog, and will certainly be coming back!! =)

Melissa M. said...

Thanks for your comments!
So glad you enjoy my blog, Shelby!