Friday, October 25, 2013

Avonlea Fashion Link-Up ~ Anne's Bicycling Outfit

Bramblewood Fashion is hosting a giveaway.  I'm hoping this will count, because I wore this outfit about a week ago at a country-style wedding, but I was thinking of this contest in part, forgetting which date it was going to be held.  In any case, here is my partly historical, partly modern take on Avonlea fashion. I was aiming for something like Anne wore in the second Anne movie, with her vest, long skirt with same-fabric stripes on the bottom, and cream-colored blouse.

The vest I wore was from a friend, and the blouse and the skirt from a yard sale. If I recall (we're in the midst of a move, and all this is packed away), the blouse was a Talbots, lace-like one, and the skirt was a Ralph Lauren.  The brooch was a gift.  And the purse wasn't meant to go with the outfit. ;)  I wore brown boots, too, but you can't see them. I did my hair up in a simple, low bun.