Monday, March 7, 2011

Hammock Days

There's nothing else like the sensation of resting off the ground, rocking gently, and looking up at a crisp cerulean sky, web of branches, and sunlight sparkling on leaves. I love to watch the birds--even vultures--circling and flapping, and hear the myriad of voices lifted in song. The warmth hits with intensity, but feels good for the moment.

Cool breezes shiver the limbs above, and occasionally a butterfly will ride hopscotch in the air. These are moments that make a smile stretch my face, and praises to God come more readily. Sickness is fading, and I know there has been a reason for it. Maybe to look at God's creation and truly enjoy health when it comes.

Praises be to God for all His gifts! Sight, sound, feeling, smelling, friendship, memory...and most of all...the gift of His eternal love through Christ Jesus. What mercy to us stingy, selfish beings!

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