Monday, March 7, 2011

My First Bible

For the 2011 March of Books we were asked to take photos and tell about our favorite copy of a favorite book.

My favorite and most special book is my Bible, and this one means much, a Precious Moments version...the pages long since coming out. It was the first Bible of my very own, given me by a family friend when I was six years old, shortly before moving from NY to FL. My sister, Grace, made this cover for it, and I loved to trace the pattern of the flowers with my fingers. Inside, I highlighted and underlined verses that I liked or had memorized. I remember often reading over the little story lessons that went with certain gray-shaded verses.

These truly were precious moments, though at the time I was not yet born again and to me it was basically just a pretty and poetic book to look at, despite being taught its eternal worth. I am thankful for the seeds planted there, the passages read and memorized with my family.


Springjoy said...

What a wonderful first bible! Mine was big, with large print and a picture of Jesus and the children on the front that I looked at for hours, wishing that the little girl sitting beside him could have been me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us!


Melissa M. said...

You're welcome--glad you enjoyed it! =)

Unknown said...

I remember my first Bible - I'm sure I have it stashed away somewhere! My parents gave it to me when I was old enough to read. Those first Bibles have a special place in our Christian walk.

Thanks for sharing!

Tarissa said...

Hello ~ I found you from the YCLF link-up. I'm participating on my blog too.

What a beautiful thing to have! Your first Bible. Now that's a keeper. It's absolutely lovely, and I'm glad you shared about it on your blog.

~ Tarissa

Melissa M. said...

Yes, it is special. I should really glue the pages in, too, so they don't get any more damaged!