Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Two Sites for Buying Organic/Natural Products

Here are two sites for buying natural/organic products!  We've been inspired to use more of them after going to the Reformation of Food and the Family Conference, because some of the chemicals and things can really be harmful to us. (It was a great conference, by the way! There was a lot to learn and fun cooking contests.)

We are friends with these people. And from what we've tried of them so far, we really do like their products, and have heard good testimonials.

First is Dominion Acres, run by a lovely Christian family. We've tried their honey, some of their soap, their shampoo bar, and a couple of their lip balms (Lemon Meringue and Black Cherry).  It's all good!  I've only used the shampoo bar twice so far, but it had some lather and seemed to clean my hair about as well as any shampoo!  I was a bit skeptical about it at first, but seriously...it does seem to work well, and smells nice, too. 

The second is Naturally Green Girl by our two sweet and knowledgeable Christian friends, Hannah and Esther.  We haven't tried their stuff, yet, but we've had a testimonial from a friend who said their underarm deodorant worked well.  We have their cookbook, OATS: That's What's for Breakfast, which includes lovely color photos, and almost half are gluten free. I've only tried one of the simpler recipes from it so far, but it was good.

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