Friday, August 17, 2012

The Last Day of Your Life

What would you do differently if you knew today was "The Last Day of Your Life"?
What if you knew this morning, when you opened your eyes in bed,
That today would be the last one for you, with eternity stretching ahead?
How would you change your schedule today if you knew it would be your last?
Who would you thank for investing in you, in the present and the past?
How would your life’s perspective

s shift from long-term goals to ‘today’
If you knew that in twenty-four hours or less it would all be swept away?
Would your bank account or investment plans matter so much to you
As the legacy you’ve left for your heirs of a faith that’s tried and true?
If you had but one more day to live, to cut through all your losses,
To cast aside the burden of unnecessary crosses,
There waits someone to hear words of forgiveness from your lips;
Perhaps some sinful habit holds you in its steely grip?
Your treasures seem but baubles as you view eternity
And cast aside those lesser things with faith in God’s decrees.
Which souls need Gospel tidings from your mouth to turn their hearts?
When did you leave your “first love” and make other things your art?
If this day were your last on earth, how would your mindset shift
From getting more possessions to giving yourself as a gift;
From making more excuses for laziness and pride
To industry and selflessness, taking the pain in stride.
I beg of you as I ask myself, dear friend, as the moments pass
To remember that life is oh so short: what’s done for Christ will last.
-Becky B. Morecraft

Thanks to Mrs. Morecraft for letting me post her poem!
A friend of ours recently died in a car crash--so unexpected and sad.  We knew him for many years--we met through homeschooling, and he grew up playing with us. He was a talented pianist, too.  Please pray for his family!  His name was Matthew Dunlop, and he is survived by parents, a sister, brother-in-law, nieces, and a nephew.  He was only twenty-nine years old.  We have hopes that he is in heaven, now, praise the Lord.

We never know when our time will come.

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