Saturday, August 4, 2012

Johann Sebastian Bach - Book Review

 Though I was a bit slow to finish reading this, I enjoyed it. Having known very little about Bach except that he wrote "To the Glory of God Alone" (in Latin) on many of his musical works, it was fascinating to find out more about the man. In a manageable length and style, Rick Marschall gives highlights from Bach's life and times.  I learned more about Bach's genius (both in composing and in inventing!), family, and more. Bach was apparently a very humble man who worked his hardest, looking to God for help, and giving glory to God for everything. How we might emulate that example!  I enjoyed the quotes from Bach and people who lived in his time or thereafter (and at least one quote from Martin Luther, whose faith Bach shared).  There were some rather distressing things mentioned in the latter part of how people have idolized Bach, and this sentiment should have been corrected.  Overlooking that, if you want to learn the central points of Bach's life and style of composing, and have a little inspiration thrown in, this is the book for you.  Four out of five stars.

I received a free ebook copy of this from, but this is my honest review.

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