Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This Year

I am thankful to God for a wonderful year in 2010! May this year be one of higher growth and deeper love for God. Here are some of the highlights of the year (I'm sorry for the lack of pictures).

  • Went ice skating
  • Got together with friends from church
  • Had a needed root canal performed
  • Began to teach watercolor classes!
  • Listened to Evenings with Victoria Botkin
  • Godly advice from family & friends
  • Made wheat noodles with friends
  • Camped in Big Bend National Park
  • Bought a big batch of tomatoes and made ketchup, etc.
  • Joel, Charity, Harmony, and Autumn visited
  • My first time to play the piano at church in TX
  • The Baby Conference with Vision Forum - great speeches and visiting with friends
  • A family came over for lunch and hymn singing after church
  • We went to watch a movie (Hymns and History) that friends made. They were gracious enough to use my painting of Martin Luther in it.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Castillo visited!
  • We went to the Animal Safari with them
  • Had another Hispanic family over with Castillos and singing fun praise songs
  • Went to a wedding shower for someone from church
  • Went to the wedding of our friend, Cindy
  • Saw Joel, Charity, Charity's sister, and Charity's father at church
  • Went to a lovely concert and auctioned a painting for Voice of the Martyrs fundraiser
  • Get together at the Phillips' house
  • Hymn singing at our house after church with friends
  • Writing classes with Mrs. Morecraft (begun in Sep., I believe)
  • Writing poetry
  • Painting and helping at the Manteufel's house
  • Went to The San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival - very enjoyable!
  • Joel & Charity visited us for a pre-Thanksgiving get-together at Michael & Grace's house, etc.
  • Exchanged gifts with Joel & Charity and part of our family
  • Annie and I traveled by car to Fort Worth with Joel and Charity
  • We tented at a Chick-Fil-A grand opening in the cold!
  • Talked quite a bit with Harmony, Charity's sister
  • Went to another pre-Thanksgiving get-together with our cousins and uncle and aunt.
  • Went to a 5-course demonstration dinner
  • Annie and I rode back on the train--our first ride on one!
  • Packed up to leave to a new part of the state!
  • Watched & listened to episodes of Navigating History
What were your blessings of 2010?

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