Saturday, January 15, 2011

Review of "Unplanned"


This book tells the fascinating, sobering true story of the journey of Abby Johnson. She worked for Planned Parenthood, believing she was helping women and decreasing the amount of abortions. She was a professed Christian. All the while she worked there, her parents, her husband, and even the workers on the opposing side, the Coalition for Life, were praying for her and loving her. She became friends with some of those peaceful pro-life members, and God used them to help change her mind. Can someone be so deceived as to think they are doing God's will in a pro-choice clinic? Can prayers, love, and outreach toward your neighbor--even one you radically disagree with--make a difference? This book, without arguing, testifies to a resounding "Yes." We are all weak and sinful beings, and even as Christians we can be deceived by semantics, by wanting to make a difference, and by not doing the proper research. This book makes me want to be a more loving and wise Christian, one who truly cares about others and doesn't make snap judgments. The women who undergo abortions--they are wrong, but they are desperate. They are hurting, needy souls. The issue is not just a fight for the lives of the unborn--which is crucial--but also for the lives of the parents and of those participating in the abortions. God can save anyone and use anyone. In fact, each of us is capable of extreme evil, for each is born a sinner. Possibly contrary to what Mrs. Johnson thinks, based on the Bible, I do believe in church discipline and that we are to be careful about the company we keep; however, even in that we are to be loving and seek the other person's good.

I am thankful for this book and the thoughts and questions it stirs up. God's hand was shown gloriously through the story of Abby Johnson.

In exchange for my honest review, Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.


Dorie said...

Yes, it was such a book of grace - transforming grace of God. I, too, was thankful for the testimony of those who shared such grace and love with her without being judgmental. It really is a challenge to all of us to see and react to the world around us with such grace and love.

Bonnie said...

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