Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sin Is Covered

Based on Psalm 32:1, from Spurgeon's The Treasury of David...
"Sin is covered." Every man that must be happy, must have something to hide and cover his sins from God's eyes; and nothing in the world can do it, but Christ and his righteousness, typified in the ark of the covenant, whose cover was of gold, and called a propitiatory, that as it covered the tables that were within the ark, so God covers our sins against those tables. So the cloud covering the Israelites in the wilderness, signified God's covering us from the danger of our sins. -- Thomas Taylor's "David's Learning: or the Way to True Happinesse," 1617.

I had never really made that connection of the ark and covering before, so I really liked this quote. It's amazing how many details there are that we can easily miss. I had been wondering why the top of the ark was called the mercy seat, and I guess this is why. Praise God for His grace! :)

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Matt said...

Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to stumble across your blog today. God Bless you for your witness and courage.