Monday, June 28, 2010

Medieval Festival

Medieval festivals are quite unusual and fun. A couple weeks ago, some church friends hosted one. They did an awesome job, and we enjoyed it.

Me in my outfit--dress made by my oldest sister some years ago

Sweet friends in their lovely costumes

More sweet friends in lovely costumes

Most of the costumed attendees (some arrived later)

The food tent (quite obviously)

There was rope-climbing...

...a trebuchet!...

...a pinata...

...a cheesecake and tart contest...

...and archery! (My brother, Andrew--seen here shooting --won the competition.)

But it wasn't all just fun and games. Mr. Phillips gave a talk on the history of the trebuchet and later on chivalry, which we didn't get to hear all of, as it was pretty late and we needed to get home. I enjoyed the fellowship of saints, talking of various things.


Lacie Verret said...

These pictures are so neat! I enjoy seeing everyone dressed like that. :) All of the activities sound delightful. I am glad you had a nice time!

Blessings ~

Ingamor said...

Where do you guys get your cool costumes from? I really want one.

Melissa M. said...

A lot of people made their own costumes from patterns, and I know of one (at least) who bought hers on eBay. :)

Anonymous said...

I love those costumes! How fun.