Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Lord's Day

A Sabbath well spent brings a week of content, and health for the toils of tomorrow,
but a Sabbath profaned whate’er may be gained is a certain forerunner of sorrow.

-Sir Matthew Hale

Make the Lord’s Day the market for thy soul.
-John Bunyan

There is nothing in which I would recommend you to be more strictly resolute than in keeping the Sabbath holy. I can truly declare that to me the institution of the Sabbath has been invaluable.
-William Wilberforce

Just read this interesting short article, which basically goes along with what I believe concerning the Sabbath, though I'm still learning and thinking about it. I don't know that the verse in Hebrews applies the way they said (if you think so, explain it to me, please!), but otherwise it's pretty good and inspiring.


Miss Jen said...


Love~ Jenny

Salomé du Toit said...

I love the quotes.
Hope you're well. :)

Hannah said...

Blessings! I would appreciate it if you could put my button on your site--you have a lovely site and I think we support the same ideals concerning dresswearing and headcovering.