Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things To Ponder

Though it's after April Fool's Day, I thought I'd link to some thought-provoking things, like this quiz....It was very humbling for me.

As a side note, does it seem right to make a fool of others? Here are a couple convicting articles about that. Is it ever right to deceive others, even in fun? I've always thought it was okay, but I'm beginning to wonder....

And this article, though not quite on topic, was very thought-provoking, too:
Now, it's a little hard to know where to start or what I should be doing. I want to be seeking the Lord and my mom about that. Thankfully, my mom has already given me some direction by having me work on her Hebrew alphabet book. Hopefully this will give me new vigor for helping her with that. :)

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