Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Quote

Had a great time last night at our get-together/graduation party at our house, but I may tell about that later.

There are so many good quotes from Spurgeon's The Treasury of David, though not all by him.

'Verse 1 [of Psalm 6].--"O Lord, rebuke me not in thine anger."

The anger of the Lord? Oh, dreadful thought!
How can a creature frail as man endure
The tempest of his wrath? Ah, whither flee
To 'scape the punishment he well deserves?
Flee to the cross! the great atonement there
Will shield the sinner, if he supplicate
For pardon with repentance true and deep,
And faith that questions not. Then will the frown
Of anger pass off the face of God,
Like a black tempest cloud that hides the sun. --Anon.'

'Verse 1 [0f Psalm 6].--"Neither chasten me in thine hot displeasure."

O keep up life and peace within,
If I must feel thy chastening rod!
Yet kill not me, but kill my sin,
And let me know thou art my God.
O give my soul some sweet foretaste
Of that which I shall shortly see!
Let faith and love cry to the last,
"Come, Lord, I trust myself with thee!" -- Richard Baxter, 1615-1891.

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