Monday, February 2, 2009

Expected and Unexpected Visitors

The last few days have been a little busier than normal. Last Friday and Saturday we babysat my nephew, Nathaniel. We had some fun times and some trying times. My sister Annie did more than I, but I know whatever experience I get is good for me. We took Nathaniel to our church on Lord's Day, and after lunch my brother took Nathaniel back to his house.

On Saturday we also had some unexpected visitors. (Side note: that's one good reason to keep the house neat.) My mom's late sister's husband, Richard Mazanec, stopped in. We had a nice time talking, eating brunch, and watching The Eden String Quartet. My uncle, being a violin player and former preacher, enjoyed this very much. Mom, Annie, and I had watched it before (in fact, it was my mom's third time watching it), but it was still moving and lovely to watch for both of us. If you haven't watched this film and you enjoy music, I'd highly recommend it! Not just for the sake of the music, but to see such a lovely and godly family who work hard and express their love to others, young and old. It was inspiring and convicting for me to watch.

Right before Uncle Richard left, we received a phone call from some friends, who wanted to stop by to show us their new baby, whom we had not yet seen. We welcomed them in, and enjoyed little Raphael and talking with our friends. We all had the opportunity to hold the baby.

Today (as well as before) we have been doing some sorting and packing things into boxes, in preparation for our move to TX. My sister, Annie, and I had a nice break to play an online game like Scrabble with two of our sisters-in-law.

Praise the Lord for family and friends,
For joy that never ends.
Praise the Lord for hardship and sorrow,
For the gift of tomorrow.

Let us live our lives for the Savior,
With loving behavior.
Let us carry the cross He gives us
It should not be grievous.

-M.A.M. (Feb. 2, 2009)

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