Friday, January 2, 2015

Goals for the New Year

There is something about a new year that inspires one to desire to do and see new things, to make one's life count.  But unless we make specific goals, will we remember to do them, or will we just fritter away the year?

Here are some of my goals for the new year, and while I don't expect to necessarily fulfill them all, I want to do my best.

1. Finish writing/editing my children's story.
2. At least attempt a few illustrations for said children's story!
3. Write more notes (or speak words) of encouragement to people, both Christians and non-Christians, telling of God's grace and salvation.
4. Spend less time on facebook, unless doing something to help others! (Say, no more than one hour a day. Every bit adds up.)
5. Polish (and preferably notate) at least three music compositions.
6. Try at least one new craft or recipe (I probably will try many new ones).
7. Drink more water; eat less.
8. Exercise (walk, cycle, etc.) at least twice a week.
9. Organize clothes and keep in better organization.
10. Polish/learn these piano pieces:
  • Brahms' waltzes (selected)
  • Sonata in C Major (Facile) by Mozart
  • Lullaby by H. Kjerulf
11. Completely memorize these pieces (I have most of them--especially the first one--memorized):
  • Waltz in C# minor by Chopin
  • Allemande from French Suite No. 4 by Bach
12. Memorize at least one psalm (psalm 34) and at least five NT Bible verses.
13. Buy a music keyboard and other tools for future music studio (Lord willing)!
14. Go over/relearn all Major and minor (natural, harmonic, & melodic) scales, arpeggios, and inversions (I, IV, V, MmVII).
15. Learn about cadences and key transitions on piano (from youtube, etc.)
16. Read as many of the books I borrowed from my brother and sister-in-law as possible.
17. Finish reading at least half of the books I'm currently reading (some are more like reference books, so they don't have to be read this year).
18. Spend more time in prayer.


If you have any tips on memorizing (either music or Bible verses), please let me know!  I know John Piper has some on Bible verses (in When I Don't Desire God), which I found somewhat helpful. I do a few things that are helpful, such as: looking at word endings and beginnings that match, lengths of words, and meanings of words, or how one verse relates to another. Also, if you have a musical bent, putting the words to music can be very helpful.  Pictures, too, can help.


Ariëlla said...

Beautiful goals. I stopped with Facebook in 2014 and that was a blessing for me.

PR GIRL said...

What wonderful goals those are to have!

I would love to read your children story when it's done. :)

#3 is on my list too... I want to reach out more and hopefully bring someone to Christ.

Exercise and drinking more water is always good too.

and 18 is most important!