Friday, July 20, 2012

The Courtship/Betrothal Debate

I've always kind of wondered whether courtship was the best route, or just betrothal. Betrothal seemed more biblical, but courtship seemed to work and be exciting and logical.  But there are dangers to it.  And is it biblical?  Can courtship and betrothal work together?  That's how one of my siblings did it.  I'm still left with a few questions, but I'm leaning more toward betrothal, without a courtship period, since courtship is not found in the Bible, and we are to go by that rather than our heart or what we think will work. I believe the fathers/mothers should have a deep discussion with the young man before deciding on going forward with betrothal, perhaps even a questionnaire for him to fill out (as my brother's in-laws had him fill out), but I can see this working.  Will it always work out perfectly?  Probably not, for man is sinful, and sometimes unexpected things do come up.  Is it more likely to work out than courtship?  Perhaps so.  But I'm no authority, having never gone through dating, courting, or betrothal.  Here is a link that discusses courtship and betrothal in more length:

Betrothal: Should We Kiss Courtship Goodbye?

Read it, then fill out my poll on the subject, if you would, please. I did forget engagement on some of the answers in the poll, so you'll have to assume that is meant along with "dating," "courting," and "just friendship." :\

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