Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Book Review - Safely Home

Ben Fielding, former college roommate to Li Chuan, presses on in his busy life, forgetting his promise to pray for his roommate after he returns to China, forgetting the God he thought he followed.  Ben's goals are to be CEO of his company.  When the company gives him an assignment of living in China for a while with Li Chuan, things all begin to change. Things are not as he thought in successful China, or in the life of his old roommate.  Poverty and suffering seem to be the lot of Li Chuan.  Yet there is something that Chuan has that Ben has never tasted. Something strong and free and happy.

And from heaven, the Watchers see and await the perfect judgment of the King.

A terribly, wonderfully eye-opening book on the reality of martyrs in China, and the joy they find in Jesus.

The only things I didn't particularly like were the women preachers and the speculation on heaven.  And yet it is interesting and inspiring to think about what heaven may be like, and the joy awaiting us, whether everything is quite as the author imagines, or not. Also it inspires to press on toward the goal, fearing no fire.

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