Thursday, March 4, 2010

Queen Victoria--Not So "Victorian"

Queen Victoria lived in a time of generally more distinct roles between men and women, a time when it was a more celebrated thing for women be a homemaker and have children. I found this article interesting (though very sad and deplorable), with quotes from Queen Victoria's letters to her daughter. Probably something in her life caused or added to her resentment of her position as a woman, such as her husband's lack of concern. In some way, I can understand the queen's thoughts, because as a girl I was much less enthusiastic about children, but God has changed me and made me realize the importance and joy of children (though I know they are a challenge).

Here is the article.

This reminds me that no matter what time period, people have always rebelled against God's beautiful order of things.


LadyBug-Laurie said...

I read once that Queen Victoria often had very hard feminine periods and pregnancies and frequent times of depression after the births of her children. I'm sure this would account for her bitter tone in many of the excerpts mentioned.
She did love her husband and her children, but the duty of producing heirs was hard for her at many times. But after years of monarchs who were known for their lies and unseemly conduct Victoria was a breath of fresh air and honesty. Even the queen needs some time to vent. I find some of her comments quite humorous, and showing a lot of spunky personality. :) Thanks for sharing!

Melissa M. said...

I'm sure she did have her reasons, and I'm not trying to be unduly hard on her, but it still was shocking and is sad to me. Thanks for your comment. I'm sure there were good things about her, too, so maybe I should have been more balanced in my post.

Melissa M. said...

Then again, I think most people know Queen Victoria in general was a better queen than some. But it seems that was more outward than a true heart condition, if we can judge by these letters. Even if it was just "venting," it seems strong and often enough that it is significant.

Nishant said...

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