Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday Weekly (?) Update

I didn't do an update last week, did I? There have been a few interesting things going on. We went to the opening of our new library. It's a neat building with tall ceilings. It even has a genealogy room, which my sister, Annie, especially likes. :) And it has a nice used bookstore, which also includes videos and DVDs.

Here are a few pics from that day and another day at the library. (Not so much OF the library, but flowers are prettier.)

(Another bee kindly posed for me.)

(Annie in the genealogy room.)

We've enjoyed our times at church. Sound messages, not short and fluffy, lots of hymns, times of prayer requests and the Lord's Table, great fellowship with believers at the lunch meal, etc. All of us have been getting to know people better and feeling really welcome.

(Jillian and I were surprised to see that we had matching outfits on this week.)

We have had some families over and met at others' houses for meals and fellowship.

This Lord's Day after church we had the S. family over for a simple supper and a time of hymns and Handel and conversation. They're a sweet family.

We've been working on some projects, such as gifts for babies, a simple tablecloth, and of course my watercolor paintings.

Today was a nice rainy day (we need the rain!), and I made some cappuccino/chocolate cookies.


Miss Jen said...

SO glad you are enjoying
the teaching and fellowship
at your Church!!!
Those cookies look YUMMY!!!

Love in Christ~ Miss Jen

Sara said...

Those cookies look absolutely marvelous!!

dukygurl said...

I love your blogs!

Melissa M. said...

Thanks, all. :) The cookies didn't taste as good as I thought they would--I think it was the kind of cappuccino mix I got (Folgers).

Johanna said...

Glad you're making new friends, and enjoying the fellowship at church. :)