Monday, September 7, 2009

M for Memory

Chickadee in a Snow Storm - Project 365 Day 65
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In the heat of Texas, a memory of something snow-related seems appealing.

I was only five or six when I
think this happened. It's so hazy feeling I almost wonder if it was a dream or my imagination, but most of my memories are like that from that age. But whether real or imagined, I want to share, hoping you'll enjoy and recall some of your own sweet memories of similar blessings.

My dear brother, Mark, liked to explore. Sometimes he left mazes of footprints, set close together (snow-plow-like) so as to make a path in the snow. He went from one end of our property to the other, leading to dead-ends and circles and back. I enjoyed following these paths to see where they led, knowing they'd lead back home again. I wasn't usually allowed to go out alone very far, but perhaps this time I was close enough to my siblings to warrant it. All I know is I felt alone. And the air was hushed. And I liked it. I traveled the snowy pathway past trees, feeling like an adventurer. And in one of those trees was a black-capped chickadee, singing his sweet song. I stopped to look. From then on, perhaps, chickadees became one of my favorite birds.

Our family loved to play, as most kids do. We didn't have a TV for the first four or five years of my life, and we didn't have a computer for about the same length. We were homeschooled, so we were pretty much best friends with each other. We had a blast outside playing games, or inside playing games. Or story-telling. Or singing. Or reading. Or biking. The list goes on. But I'll save something for next time. :)


Miss Jen said...

Thank you for sharing
your memory, Melissa! :)

Love~ Miss Jen

Melissa M. said...

You're welcome!
Sorry about the text being so small. I tried to fix it, but wouldn't work for some reason.