Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Thankfulness

I decided to try doing a day-by-day schedule on here, though of course I may have to miss a few days at times. Here's my idea for what might be going on throughout the week. If you have any other ideas, let me know.

Lord's Day: Lament/praise - Or just rest, more likely
Monday: Memory
Tuesday: Tips ? Things I've Been Working On
Wednesday: Weekly update
Thursday: Theological quotes, Thankfulness
Friday: Favorite Photos or Paintings
Saturday: Sonnet, Story, or Song

So, I'm going to write a list of things I'm especially thankful for right now. :)

* Friendship. Friends lend a beauty to life, in their encouragement, laughter, and love. The Bible says that to have friends we must ourselves be friendly. I've always struggled with being friendly, thinking maybe it meant being outgoing. And while being outgoing helps, we shy people can definitely have friends. A little effort and a helpful, cheerful attitude go a long way, even if we don't say a lot.

* The time of conversation and enjoyment with friends we had today. The lunch and everything went off smoothly, and we really enjoyed being with two sweet, friendly ladies as they talked, shared, and worked with Mom's hair. And tomorrow, Lord willing, we'll see them again, along with some other friends, for a night of games and fellowship. Earlier this week some of our dear friends showed us how they grind wheat and make beautiful bread with it.

* My talents, and that I can use them for the Lord. I need to use them more for Him, too. But I'm thankful that He gave me such enjoyable talents to work with, such as art and music.

* That my watercolor painting wasn't ruined when I spilled water on it! (The water landed on the light part of the sky.)

* This lovely house that we are able to rent.

* The strength to clean and cook, and the desire to do so, which is a slowly-growing thing. I used to pretty much hate working, but the Lord has put a new heart in me. I still lack some motivation and discipline (and have lapses), but thank the Lord I am changing at all.

* The Word of God, both the literal words written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit, and the living Word Himself, Jesus. He is a very present help, the only way to the Father, the Redeemer of our souls. He is glorious in all His ways!


Miss Jen said...

What wonderful things to be
thankful for, Melissa!!! :)
Hope you are having a Blessed

Love~ Jen

Melissa M. said...

Yes. Thanks! I hope you are, too! :)