Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"As the Deer" Tutorial Review

As The Deer Tutorial

The above tutorial is very good compared with most. The camera is steady, and the piano keys and the man's hands are quite clearly seen. He also knows what he's talking about in regard to notes and chords, with a few possible exceptions. His descriptions and demonstrations are usually clear and helpful for musicians, going beyond a mere playing through and list of notes.

I believe the chord he claims is like a "raised fifth" or "suspended fifth" is actually an augmented fifth, which matches the "raised fifth" description quite well, but is not a "suspended fifth." He also slips up and cites a G as a G#. All the rest of his chords and notes I believe to be accurate, at least after he corrects himself. There is one place he says he's going to play two A's in the right hand as he plays an F in the left hand, but later he changes the timing on this, apologizing briefly for his mistake.

Some of his talking is a little rushed and hard to understand (and the "that there" gets a little redundant). Near the ending, especially, he hurries through it, not telling what the ending notes are. The clip could have been cut into two videos if he was worried about time and space.

Overall, though, it was one of the best tutorials I've seen so far, with a pretty song to boot.


Miss Jen said...

Very nice....
thank you!! :)

Blessings~ Jen

Melissa M. said...

:) Glad you liked it. I did this review because I'm trying out for a job of music video reviews, and they wanted a sample. I don't know if it's quite in the style they want, but we'll see.

Salomé du Toit said...

You sound like someone who loves music.
I love singing and songwriting.
It's awesome to know that we can use it to glorify God and worship Him.
Keep shining and have a fabulous day!