Friday, July 3, 2009

This Little Box

by Melissa M.
July 3, 2009

The bane of my existence
Seems to be this little box.
I can read and write and chat
And then I can play with blocks.

Watch movies and TV shows,
See how pictures have amassed,
Take quizzes and read journals,
'Til midnight's long gone past.

Yet good can come from this--
The friendships and the love,
The learning and the laughter
Are gifts from up above.

So perhaps the problem here
Is not the computer screen
But the one who uses it--
Yes, this is clearly seen.

So discipline my heart, Lord,
And duly reprimand--
I know things are best meted
By Your dear, loving hand.


Miss Jen said...

What a beautiful poem! :)

Many Blessings~ Jen

Melissa M. said...

Thanks! Something I've been learning lately. It's a struggle.

Melissa M. said...

Yet I am usually happier when I don't do as much computer in a day.

Adina said...

I've been learning this too.