Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kept Alive By Christ...

Quote by Spurgeon in The Treasury of David:
(On Psalm 22:29b
The Spirit of God moved over our deadness, and breathed into us the breath of life. My soul became a living soul. But was this enough? God's word says, No. "None can keep alive his own soul." My heart says, No. Truth must ever answer to truth. I cannot (ah! have I not tried, and failed?), I cannot keep alive my own soul. We cannot live upon ourselves. Our physical life is kept up by supply from without--air, food, warmth. So must the spiritual life. Jesus gives, Jesus feeds us day by day, else must the life fade out and die. "None can keep alive his own soul." It is not enough to be made alive. I must be fed, and guided, and taught, and kept in life. Mother, who hast brought a living babe into the world, is your work done? Will you not nurse it, and feed it, and care for it, that it may be kept alive? Lord, I am this babe. I live indeed, for I can crave and cry. Leave me not, O my Savior. Forsake not the work of thine own hands. In thee I live. Hold me, carry me, feed me, let me abide in thee.'

Here's a post that should get you thinking, at least if you've never thought about it before. It's so true (at least for some feminists)...and sad! Feminist Hypocrisy

And here's a good and encouraging interview with the Botkin sisters.


Miss Jen said...

Thank you for this post! :)
CH Spurgeon has a way of
putting things!

Blessings in Christ~ Miss Jen

Melissa M. said...

You're welcome. :) Yes, he does!
God bless!

I just added another link, too, if you haven't seen it.