Saturday, June 13, 2009

Music and Learning

This might not be the best playing of it I've ever heard, but it's still excellent, especially for the young age of the performer. The second part is especially impressive, though I actually prefer the first part. Makes me want to try it, while the second is beyond my ability.

Chopin Andante Spianato & Grand Polonaise Brillante I by George Li

Chopin Andante Spianato & Grand Polonaise Brillante II by George Li

Another sweet Mozart Sonata. The 3rd movement is especially cheerful.

Mozart Sonata in C major K330 M2 by George Li

Mozart Sonata in C major K330 M3 by George Li

Learning with Friends
We had some friends over this week to teach them to crochet. They are talented quilters and they caught on quite quickly to crocheting. First we went to Hobby Lobby with them, then had lunch, then did some crocheting. It was a fun afternoon. I hadn't done much crocheting before, either, but this time I enjoyed it more than usual and actually want to finish the blanket I started.


Miss Jen said...

How wonderful... ;>)
Looks like you have been
having some special times!!!

Melissa M. said...

Yes, indeed we have! We had another crochet session with them yesterday. :)