Saturday, September 17, 2016

Having a Martha Home the Mary Way - Book Review

The subtitle of the book is 31 Days to a Clean House and a Satisfied Soul. . . . I took two months or so longer at reading this than I should have, and I didn't fulfill all the cleaning assignments, but I gathered helpful tips, plugged along at my little jobs and a few unusual ones, and tackled my monster of a closet once or twice. I like the focus on grace, though at times it seemed almost too lax. It is a book geared toward mothers, with assignments for kids, so that's not currently applicable to me, but I like that concept, and have seen it help in my sister's family. I also liked that it had Bible reading assignments and questions for thought, though I would have appreciated a little more explanation and depth. Overall I really liked the book, in that it gives things to shoot for, but not so strictly that it overwhelms.

Thanks to Tyndale blog network for allowing me this book to review! My opinions are freely my own.

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Amanda Holmes said...

I keep meaning to pick this book up. Thank you for the reminder.;)