Monday, August 10, 2015

Frame 232 - Book Review

Here's another old book review that slipped through the cracks!  Written on May 14, 2013.

The story captured my attention from the beginning, with descriptions real and frightening.  For some reason, the last half was not as gripping as the first for me, though parts of it did keep me glued to it.  I think there was a little too much time spent on the bad guys, not enough on the main characters and their personal feelings and actions.  Perhaps it would make a better movie than book, although there are some scenes that would not transfer in a godly manner into film. (The book mentioned people swearing, prostitutes, etc.)  Then, the Christian aspect of the book was lacking, in my opinion, though trusting in Jesus was mentioned briefly. Catholic churches and works were too accented, which may cause confusion for readers. However, it was well-written, with characters you basically either love or hate, and with a few twists, so I liked it. And if a book succeeds in making a conservative with no previous interest in the subject fascinated by the history (albeit speculative/alternative history) surrounding someone like JFK, I guess it deserves points. Overall, it is a vivid and fast-paced conspiracy novel, and I am interested in seeing what comes next in Jason Hammond's life.

Thanks to Tyndale Blog Network for giving me a copy to review! My review was not required to be positive.


Rohini Sharma said...

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Melissa M. said...

Thanks. It isn't a very spiritually edifying book, but it was exciting/interesting. I like a bit of excitement in my reading. *shrugs*