Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Goals for 2015 - Halfway Checkup

More than half of the year has gone by already, so I figured it was time to check to see how I'm doing at my goals, and perhaps adjust them slightly.

Here are my goals I wrote at the beginning of the year and my updates to them in italics:

1. Finish writing/editing my children's story.  (Ah...I did some editing on it, but probably have not finished.)
2. At least attempt a few illustrations for said children's story!  (I haven't really tried this; one of my friends has offered to illustrate it, but we'll see if it works out.)
3. Write more notes (or speak words) of encouragement to people, both Christians and non-Christians, telling of God's grace and salvation. (Haven't really done more of this, sadly.)
4. Spend less time on facebook, unless doing something to help others! (Say, no more than one hour a day. Every bit adds up.) (Again, I'm not doing so well at this, though I think I might be doing pretty well some days.)
5. Polish (and preferably notate) at least three music compositions.  (Well, I started working on one, but do want to finish!)
6. Try at least one new craft or recipe (I probably will try many new ones).  (Hmm. Yes, I've tried a new recipe or two, I believe, but no new crafts, really.  Soon, hopefully!)
7. Drink more water; eat less. (I have sometimes done better at this, but need to renew my efforts.)
8. Exercise (walk, cycle, etc.) at least twice a week. (Ooh, ouch. I should be doing this!)
9. Organize clothes and keep in better organization. (It's hard to keep it that way, but I have organized a few times.)
10. Polish/learn these piano pieces: (Haven't done much on these, yet, though a little on the Brahms. I may not do the Mozart.)
  • Brahms' waltzes (selected)
  • Sonata in C Major (Facile) by Mozart
  • Lullaby by H. Kjerulf
11. Completely memorize these pieces (I have most of them--especially the first one--memorized):
  • Waltz in C# minor by Chopin (I still blank out on the middle, sometimes.)
  • Allemande from French Suite No. 4 by Bach (Still working on this. It's coming.)
12. Memorize at least one psalm (psalm 34) and at least five NT Bible verses. (Still working on this--need to renew my efforts.)
13. Buy a music keyboard and other tools for future music studio (Lord willing)!
14. Go over/relearn all Major and minor (natural, harmonic, & melodic) scales, arpeggios, and inversions (I, IV, V, MmVII). (I may not do this this year, after all.)
15. Learn about cadences and key transitions on piano (from youtube, etc.) (I might still do this.)
16. Read as many of the books I borrowed from my brother and sister-in-law as possible. (I read one so far.)
17. Finish reading at least half of the books I'm currently reading (some are more like reference books, so they don't have to be read this year). (Still not there.)
18. Spend more time in prayer. (I definitely still need to work on this!)

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