Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Treasury of David Quotes

Psalm 45 

Verse 13.--"The king's daughter is all glorious within," etc. When the children of God recollect their glorious and heavenly pedigree, they endeavour to excel others, both in the beautiful disposition of soul, and manner of life.  "The king's daughter," that is, the daughter of the heavenly Father, who is also the bride of the king's Son; every believing soul "is all glorious," adorned with a holiness not only glorious to herself, but also to the Father and the Bridegroom, and is the beginning of a heavenly glory; and that chiefly "within," not only when she appears abroad, and presents herself to the view of men, but also when she sits in the inner bed-chamber in the secret exercises of religion, in which she in private pleases the Father and the Bridegroom, who having a regard to the inward man, she above all endeavours to keep that pure and chaste.  - Hermann Witsius. 1636-1708.

Verse 15.--"They shall be brought." Reader! do not fail to observe the manner of expression, the church is brought, she doth not come of herself.  No, she must be convinced, converted, made willing.  No one can come to Christ, except the Father, who hath sent Christ, draw Him.  John vi. 44.--Robert Hawker, D.D.

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