Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Twelfth Imam - book review

This was quite an exciting read, especially in the last half (I read that for two hours straight), and there are definite things to be learned from this book. The Muslim doctrines of the Twelfth Imam are documented, as well as other beliefs. The characters evoke emotion and the traits of real people. How sadly deceived are so many people in this world, hoping in the false messiah, or a false hope of rewards for their martyrdom and works! One of the main characters, David, is an American with Iranian parents, and his story goes from his awkward teenage years to his secretive, busy life with the CIA. There is a bit of romance, and one instance of premarital sex (implied and not condoned), but it is not focused on romance. I believe the whole points of the novel are to show that Iran may be very close to having the nuclear bomb, the end of the world may be near, and that the Lord Jesus is working in the Muslim world, amid all the horror and deception. There are a couple of instances of mysterious appearances, both by Satanic/demonic forces and by Jesus, himself, the latter of which made me uncomfortable, since I don't believe He will appear to people before He returns in the air and later on the earth for good. However, it is basically a good story that will stick in my mind for some time. Recommended for discerning action-lovers ages 13+. Check with your parents before reading, of course.

(Read from November 03 to 08, 2011, and reviewed shortly after.)

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