Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Do you celebrate Christmas?
  0 (0%)
  1 (14%)
No, because of the pagan origins/elements.
  3 (42%)
No, because of the Regulative Principle.
  0 (0%)
No, because of both reasons stated above.
  1 (14%)
Yes, because it's fun and harmless.
  0 (0%)
Yes, because we believe it's about Christ's birth.
  2 (28%)
Yes, because of the previous two reasons.
  0 (0%)


I'm so late in posting this and a new poll!  Thanks for voting.  It's a big, sort of tough issue to sort through, but I believe the pagan origins & elements are quite strong.  Some are disputed, yes, but to be safe, I don't want to celebrate the day.  I DO rejoice over Christ's birth in the form of lowly human-kind, yet the day of His death we are asked to remember.

I have a new poll up, something a little lighter.

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