Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Count Your Many Blessings

 Nothing can compare with this Book, yet sometimes we take it for granted. It has always been there, the Book that we love . . . yet do we?  May it be so!  What a wonder it is to have survived, and what a wonder to know it is the inspired Word of God, applicable to our modern-day lives!

Tea...birds...cozy blankets. Little gifts from God that are especially enjoyable this time of year.

more oatmeal

A well-stocked bookshelf is much appreciated.  I need to weed out some of my old, yesteryear-loved books that are not so brilliant as I once thought, but I am blessed by having gotten some good deals and having some great old books from my dear father. (This is not my bookshelf in the photo, by the way.)


We have an abundance of deer around our place, and they are so interesting and fun to watch, especially when the little fawns are running around!

 There are so many more things I am thankful for...
The great grace of God
A wonderful church family and messages
Letters from far off friends
Nieces and nephews
Paint and art
Reliable transportation
Freedom of speech, etc.
Family coming for Thanksgiving...

 What are you thankful for?


Unknown said...

Well, living in a travel trailer has made me exceedingly grateful for the simple luxuries of life! :-)
Also, I am in the process of reading "The Holiness of God" by R.C. Sproul. This attribute of God (in which all of His other attributes are ultimately defined) has given me a greater awe and love for the awesome Savior that we serve. That He, in His perfect, magnificent holiness would condescend to us...just the very thought should be enough to make us overflow with gratitude. "That He should leave His place on high/ And come for sinful man to die/ You count it strange, so once did I/ Before I knew my Savior." (from the hymn "I am not Skilled to Understand").
Lastly, I am very grateful for friends like you who purpose to publicly express their gratitude to the Lord! Thank you for this post.

Melissa M. said...

Oh, yes, that is an encouraging book! I just read it last year.

Aw, thank you, Sophia. That means a lot. :) Of course, if I didn't publicly express it, I would be quite ungrateful!