Sunday, July 17, 2011


Not the most unique/original metaphors here, I suppose, but I hope you enjoy and are encouraged by this little poem, which was written for myself, mainly.

"Patience," said the old oak tree.
"Soon, little acorn, you'll be big like me."

"You'll have to dig up through the dirt.
It'll take some work, but then up you'll spurt.
Look up to the sun and drink it in,

And take some showers till you're quenched within."

"But, oh! It will be so hard to wait!
The trees tower o'er me and I feel so late."

"Do all that you can not to stay in the shade.
Stretch out your leaves and don't be afraid.
The more you take in the faster you'll grow.
Thank God for each inch; shake the bugs off below.
God knows every season, they're in His command,
So trust in His wise, omnipotent hand!"

-M.A.M. (7-16-11)

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