Friday, December 10, 2010

An Open Pipe

I hope that title got your attention. ;) It has to do with the second quote I'm posting.

These are from the book Humility and How to Get It, by which I have been blessed. I've only just finished the first part (like a chapter, though there are only sections), and it was chock full of rich and encouraging thoughts!

Okay, on to the quotes:
'Let us contrast our love to God with His love to us. Dear brethren, we do love God, and we may well do so, since He is infinitely lovable. When the mind is once enlightened it sees everything that is lovable about God. He is so good, so gracious, so perfect that He commands our admiring affection. The spouse in the song, when she thought of her beloved, mentioned all manner of beauties, and then cried, "Yea, he is altogether lovely." It is natural, therefore, that one who sees God should love Him, But, now, think of God's love to us; is it not incomparably greater, since there was nothing lovely in us whatever, and yet He loved us? In us there is by nature nothing to attract the affection of a holy God, but quite the reverse; and yet He loved us. Herein, indeed, is love!' [p. 10]

'If you had to manage waterworks for the distribution of water all over this city, and there was a certain pipe into which you poured water, and none ever came out at the other end, do you know what you would do? You would take it out and say, "This does not suit my purpose: I want a pipe that will give out as well as receive." That is exactly what the Lord desires of us. Do not selfishly say, "I want to sit down and enjoy the love of God. I shall never say a word to anybody about Christ. I will never give a poor creature so much as a brass farthing; but I want to sit down and be solaced with the love of God." If you think thus, you are a pipe plugged up; you are of no use; you will have to be taken out of the system of the Church; for the system of love-supply for the world requires open pipes, through which love divine may freely flow. May the Lord clear you, and fill you, so that out of you there may continually flow rivers of living water. Amen.' [p. 15]

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