Saturday, February 13, 2010

Evenings with Victoria Botkin

Femininity has been distorted in our country and in our day. There are misconceptions and confusion. Does femininity mean weakness and old-fashioned dowdiness? Not really, though old-fashioned does not always equal dowdy. But does true femininity try to be like a man? If so, why were we made to be women and not men? What are the right differences? If you want to learn more about our true roles and be an encouragement to others, you may want to tune into Evenings with Victoria Botkin. She is a woman who has, along with her husband, raised productive, distinctive children with a love for learning and a love for the Lord.

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Hey, I’ve just started a brand new blog called “Bess’ Bag” ( Please feel free to stop by and see what’s going on. It’s a blog about fashion, crafts, God, & lots of various randomness. I look forward to meeting you at Bess’ Bag!