Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Split Skirts

I first made my blue split skirt, and my friend liked it, so I made her one. Here we are wearing them. I did the ties on opposite sides. I used pattern 6626, but made the legs a bit fuller, and looser on the top.


sistersofgrace said...

Cute skirts! :)

Melissa M. said...

Thanks. :)

S and A said...

Just wanted to tell you I stumbled upon your blog by typing "elisabeth elliot skirt" at google (I wanted to see her opinion of pants vs. skirts), and then I found this fabulous blog (yours!) with fabulous music!!! I like to keep your blog up all day so that I can have your playlist continually playing all day. Thanks!! I love it and appreciate it so much!!!!!

Alyssa in Southern California

Melissa M. said...

Aw, thanks, Alyssa!!