Monday, August 13, 2018

Engraved on the Heart - Book Review

3/5 stars.

This gripping novel transports you into the life of a shy Southern young lady who is thought too weak to do much. Her epilespy causes shame even to her own family. But there is a young doctor who has been a friend since childhood, standing up for her against bullies. Soon, with his influence, our heroine, Keziah, is drawn into the heart-wrenching life of severely abused slaves.

Keziah determines to do something about it, despite her upbringing, her family's wishes, her social circle, and her fainting spells. She trusts that the Lord will keep her. I admired her bravery, but wondered if she was right to keep it a secret from her parents. In essense, she feels the need to live a double life to save the lives of others. In such a case, it may be necessary.

More trouble heads her way, as her parents desire her to wed someone she dislikes. She goes along with it for their sake, but secretly harbors feelings for someone else. This is where I have the most qualms. There are too many romantic feelings spelled out, especially in one passage.

I like the Underground Railroad aspect, even if the Civil War wasn't so much about slavery as people may think. I do believe God used the Underground Railroad to save lives.

Overall it is an interesting, twisting tale that you will likely enjoy if you are into this period of history.

Thank you, Tyndale House Blog Network, for the chance to read this book!